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Puerto Rican Music

Roots and Beyond 

The Encyclopedia The Music of Puerto Rico: Roots and Evolution is a dynamic project celebrating traditional Puerto Rican music, addressing Bomba, Plena, Danza, and Jíbaro Music. Led by Dr. William Cepeda, a four-time Latin Grammy nominee, alongside musicians, artists, and scholars, it aims to preserve a cultural legacy and stimulate new artistic expressions. It deeply documents the genres while inspiring their contemporary evolution, blending jazz, hip hop, and more. It offers lifelong access to an online portal with documentaries, music, and more, enriching the user experience. Additionally, it provides educational resources for all levels, fostering an appreciation for the arts.



William Cepeda


The encyclopedia is a unique exploration of Puerto Rican music and represents a product of great cultural value. By purchasing the 4-volume encyclopedia, you gain lifetime access, completely free, to the portal at a website offering exclusive and unique audiovisual content about the island's rich musical history.

Encyclopedia covering the four main genres of Puerto Rican music: Bomba, Plena, Jíbaro Music, and Danza

Special Deal

Includes four books plus access to the portal

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