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Music that is loved all over the world

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Afrorican Jazz

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My Roots and Beyond
Spotify : My Roots and Beyond
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1. Bomba Swing
2. Ponte Pa'l Monte
3. Pa' Mi Cuembe
4. Waiting For Carmen
5. Toca Mi Caracol
6. Quasi Plena

7. For Now and Forever
8.  Sara

9.  Pa'MiGente

10. Colors

11. Afrorican Jam

My Roots & Beyond features Cepeda in the company of such celebrated fellow Puerto Ricans as percussionist Boby Sanabria, bassist John Benites, both noted for their Latin Jazz abilities and curator player extraordinaire Yomo Toro, an early exponent of the island's jaunty jibaro ( country ) music and a legendary figure from the heyday of salsa in seventies. reaching beyond Broicua in enhancing the date's jazz sensibilities, coped tapped Cuban woodwind artst D'Rivera, trombonist Slide Hampton and Cosa Rica native Luis Bonilla and Chicano jazz trumpeter Tony Lujan to add extra ensemble muscle.

Branching Out
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1. Cosa Nuestra
2. Bomba Flamenco
3. Washiba
4. Toshiko

5. Let's Have Fun
6. Next Plena
7. Cumba Blues
8. Bomba Pa' Loíza

in " Branching Out" , I have opened my music to influences from other cultures, such as African, Indian, Andalusian and Arabic among others. Some of them from the roots of our own tradition. The repertory and the styles I have included on this CD, encompassing traditional forms, mainstream jazz and world music fusions, is broader. The sound is a bit more acoustical because of the variety of different traditional instruments I have incorporated in the compositions. In addition to the musicians in my group, I have chosen a special combination of invited guests from different cultures and traditions for the various numbers in order to achieve the fusions I sought in the compositions

Live At  the Montreaux Festival

1. Dolores and Next Plena

2. Pa' Mi Quembé

3. Cumba Blues

4. Cosa Nuestra / La Vida

5. Rulé Sondá / Yubá La Marilé

6. Bomba Swing

7. Campo Jazz / Comparsa Loíza

Spotify : Afrorican Jazz
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With this first live production William Cepeda AfroRican Jazz brings us a truly splendid musical feast. Over the last 12 years, William Cepeda has broadened the consciousness of Puerto Rican music worldwide with his AfroRican Jazz, an original concept he created in 1993. This recording captures the spirit of the group on an international tour, revealing the commitment and price to present the best of Puerto Rican music and culture. Presenting highly sophisticates jazz arrangements, combined with rhythms and musical styles of Puerto Rico, Cepeda surely gave birth to a new shade of jazz.

William Cepeda Quintet

Spotify : Unity
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1.  Unity

2.  Entre Nos

3.  Beautiful You

4.  El Coco Número 9

7. For Now and Forever
8.  Sara

9.  Pa'MiGente

10. Colors

11. Afrorican Jam

Fulfilling his interes in creating music that goes beyond the traditional rhythms of jazz, William Cepeda has unite a group of virtuoso musicians from different parts of the world and has created what he calls the INTERNATIONAL QUINTET. The group also invited a special guest to complete their vision of sound fusion. After years of preparation, the ensemble brings us the unforgettable tour UNITY. Some of the musicians from the INTERNATIONAL QUINTET have individual recording, where they show their genius performance of their instruments, as well as the composition muse that surrounds them. Their works have been recognized and they have had an excellent acceptance as a reward for their dedication and their respect for the music and the audience.

Afro Boricua

Spotify : Bombazo

1.  Afro Boricua
2. Yubá Medley
3. Seshuque y Balance
4. San Tomás
5. El Gallo Canta
6. El Conde De Loíza
7. Amalia

8. Meliton Tombé

9. Rulé Son Da

10. Majestad Negra

11. El Doctor Guenaga

12. Lamento Boricano

13. Seís Corrido Medley

14. El Belén

Group Afro Boricua offers audiences around the world the excitement and beauty of an experience as vital today ass it was in its origins. Original arrangements expose the remarkable talents of these gifted musicians and performers and give newline to a rich and colorful folklore. The frantic rhythms of the Bomba grow out of the African slave experience in colonial Puerto Rico. As in other Caribbean music, the drumming styles, the call and response signing and the improvisational dancing that make up the Bomba can be traced to their West African origins.

Additional William Cepeda Music

William  Cepeda  & 
Angel Luis  Torruellas

1.  Ando Vacilando

2.  Santuario Sagrado

3.  Si Tu No Me Quiere Olvidalo

4.  Viejo Malecon

5.  Traigo Flores

6.  Yenyere

7.  Me Dicen El Rey De La Plena

8.   Julieta

9.   Consuelo Mio

10. El Depojo

11. Camelia

12. Eureca

La voz de Ángel Luis Torruellas tiene una personalidad inigualable. Curtida en largos años de trayectoria musical, su canto flexible y de amplio registro se acopla tan bien al ritmo de los panderos, al repiqueteo del güiro y al timbre de los vientos, que nos lleva a pensar por un momento que la plena ha nacido únicamente para sus cuerdas vocales. Y es que en ellas ha encontrado un vocero extraordinario. Por algo, nos ha dicho Luis Rafael Sánchez a traves de Mandrake Morrison, que “el cuento no es el cuento, el cuento es quien lo cuenta". Y este vacilón nos lo cuenta y nos lo canta Torruella en feliz compañia de William Cepeda.

Bomba Sinfónica
Apple Music

Disc: 1

  1. Canto pa' Loiza

  2. Canto a mis ancestros

  3. Belecuembé

  4. Suave

  5. Sicá

  6. Mi Realidad

  7. Imaconco

Disc: 2

  1. Solidario

  2. Eyeno

  3. Nuno

  4. Baila bomba

  5. Del temblor al piano

  6. Sentimental

  7. Apá

Bomba Sinfonica is a musical piece that fuses traditional Afro-Puerto Rican musical traditions with classical music. William Cepeda integrates the essence of these Afro-Puerto Rican musical elements into a classical orchestral arrangement. Composer William Cepeda's celebration of the Afro-Puerto Rican bomba music and dance tradition. David Gilbert leads the Bronx Arts Ensemble Orchestra, chorus and soloist with bomba artist Hector "Coco" Barez, Victor JAvier Emanuelli Nater and Rolando Morales-Matos, Recorded at the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, Ny HJohn Ostendorf, producer.

que vengan los ninos.jpg
Que vengan los niños

1. Que vengan los niños

2. El canto del coquí

3. Planamos bandera

4. Mariposa

5. Medley of Traditional Latin American Children's songs

6. Ámame como soy

7. Big bomba Drum

8. Mi lindo Puerto Rico

9. Arcoiris Sonoro

10. Remeneate caco é juey

11. Animal party

12. Baila boma eh

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Spotify : Bombazo
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1. Transcend

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Spotify : Bombazo
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Publications and Recordings:

Over 300 recording credits as a trombonist, guest artist and composer.

Solo Artist Recordings including:

2013 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, Danza, Bomba, Jibaro and Plena Jazz, Casabe Records

2009 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, Caribbean Cruise, Casabe Records

2008 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, Ando Vacilando, Casabe Records

2007 William Cepeda's Symphonic Bomba, Albany Records

2006 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Casabe Records

2003 William Cepeda International Quintet, Unity, Casabe Records

2000 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, Branching out, Blue Jackel

1998 William Cepeda Grupo Afroboricua, Bombazo, Blue Jackel

1998 William Cepeda Afrorican Jazz, My Roots and Beyond, Blue Jackel

As Producer & Musical Director I had produced over 50 recordings

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Alma Tropical
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Amazon Music

1. Hey Rey

2. El Jíbaro Feliz

3. Arepa de Coco

4. Del África Cercana

5. Song for Coby

6. Alma Tropical

7. Con el corazón

8. Humm

9. De donde vengo

10. Plena Azucarada

11. Soul Guajira

12. Subito

Composition Premieres

Over a 150 Original Compositions/Arrangements published

2017 - Hurricane Maria

2015 - Trombone Concerto 

2013 - Posesion 

2012 - Siempre Bien

2005 - Bomba sinfónica, Centro de Bellas Artes, Santurce, Puerto Rico

2003 - Suite Tierra Negra, Canto a los Ancestros, Tierra Negra, De Mi Sol Nace, Sensaciones

Suave - Siempre Bien, Conjunto de Cámara Heliconias, Imaconco, Por Favor No


2015 - Hey Rey 

2014 - A lo Diz 

2013 - Ahora es que es 

2012 - Bomba Pa’Eddie Gomez,

2011 - Aires Nuevos

2010 - Swing me baby, saku jazz, Let’s Have Fun

2005 - HWL, Nativa, Inside out, just the way, Humm

2004 - Looking forward, Contra Viento y Marea, Coco Número 9, Entre Nos, Y Si llegan, Iam, Will You.


2002-2005 - Ven y Baila Maria, Baila Bomba He, Te Van a Quemar Pia, Que Vengan los

Niños,Rio,Timbe Tumba,la violencia, Quiero cantar, loiza es tradicion, me lenguaje, mi destino soy yo.

World & Latin Jazz

2016 - Salsa Bues,

2013 - Bomba Tap

2010 - Atrevida,

2009 - El Pastelon

2008 - Danza Sentimental 

2007 - I Got Jibaro

2006 - Plenota,

2005 - Jibatonico,

2004 - Únity, Rulé,Sígueme, La Culebra, Herme Pasco, Juventud, Yodo,

2002 - Jíbaro Planet, El Cariduro, Sigue la Corriente, Oyá Oyé, Pá Gozar, Lleno de Emoción, San Apóstol

2001 - Washiba, Soul Guajira 

2000 - Cosa Nuestra,

1998 - The Next Plena,Humm, Bomba Jazz

1997 - Cumba Blues, Toca Mi Caracol

1996 - Waiting for Carmen 

1995 - AfroricanTeme 

1994 - Pa’ mi Cuembe

1993 - Quazi Plena 

1992 - Bomba Swing, Puerto Tizol, Bomba Corazón

More of my albums

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